Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Kitten Tosca

In December  mum's friend's cat had five kittens. When they were three weeks old we went to visit it them. They were very small and soft.
The white , grey and peach kittens were boys and there were two tortoiseshell girls .

We choose the fluffiest girl and her name is Tosca

about Tosca :

she loves playing  outside
she loves sleeping in my room
she has a piece of blanket that she loves to carry around
she is really crazy sometimes

silly things that happen to Tosca :
she nearly got her wiskers cut of because mum was cutting  stuff and she
kept putting her  face in the way
she got her head under the garage door and the garage door wouldn't  go up but she is alright now

and I love her so much. She is perfect.