Monday, March 21, 2011


Last Wednesday I fell off my bike and the doctor thinks I broke a bone in my wrist.
I had to have an x ray, which hurt a little bit when the lady moved my arm around.
Then I had to get a cast put on.

and a sling

It is very itchy inside at the moment. And I couldn't go to the swimming sports, even though I got first in breast stroke and 2nd in freestyle.

Have you ever broken a bone?


  1. Wow Keeley - hope your arm gets better soon :( Can you get your friends to sign your cast?

    I (in all of almost 35 years) have not once broken any bone in my body. Fingers crossed I won't for a long time to come either!

  2. Poor you, shame about the swimming sports. I am sure you will be back to cycling, swimming, sweing and all sorts soon enough. The only bone I have broken was a slightly chipped bone in my finger, thank goodness. Take care.


  3. Oh yes, I've broken all sorts of bones from many horsey injuries... :) Not pleasant is it?? So cool to meet you the other day my little Kendyl did enjoy bossing you around heehee xx